Crimean Snowdrop

Essence properties: For healing the memory of trauma and shock held in our being, in an environment or in material objects; return to pure essence; for healing our perception of traumatic events and experiences.

Indications: post-traumatic shock and memories of suffering that haunt; for nightmares and traumatic flashbacks.

Further Insights:  Crimean Snowdrop shows us that our memory of an event is often the memory of our emotional reaction, or the emotional reaction of others at the time, rather than a memory of the true reality of that event.  Crimean Snowdrop does not remove our memory of an event.  Its healing lies in returning us to pure essence, to the true reality of an event, in divine terms, unclouded by fear, shock or judgement.  It encourages us to experience an event from a divine perspective, from the viewpoint of our Higher Self, from our centre of peace and understanding.