Crab Apple Fruit

Malus pumila

Essence properties: Allowing our body to return to it’s innate state of innocent health and vitality, by letting go the belief that we are guilty of creating disease or damage through some failing on our part.

Indications: Guilt, hopelessness, and feelings of failure in relation to health and our ability to heal; for when we believe that we have created physical or mental illness as a result of our repeated ‘negative’ emotional or behavioural patterns; belief that we only heal if we become perfect and pure.

Further Insights: Crab Apple Fruit asks us to look again at our beliefs about 'cause' and 'effect' in relation to our health.  It encourages us to move away from self-blame and guilt about having 'created' physical or emotional damage - to an experience of innate wholeness and perfection.  It also addresses self-destructive patterns arising out of "What the hell - I've messed myself up so much - why bother anymore?"  It shows us that nothing we do can affect our essential inner wholeness and purity - and it encourages us to release our body from the judgements that we hold against it and against ourselves.  It is only our perception of ouselves that becomes clouded, because we feel we have failed to live up to some false image that we have held against ourselves.