Symphytum Aspermum

Essence properties: Dynamic patience and stillness; recognising and embracing the opportunity and gift within our present experience or situation.

Indications: Impatience; fighting or resisting our current situation; feeling limited or restricted by circumstance; avoiding connecting with a situation because it brings up painful issues that we are unwilling or afraid to address.

Further Insights: Comfrey inspires a sense of timelessness and infinity, encouraging a more still and mediative approach to life.  Through its inspiration we begin to understand how everything that we experience is interconneted and interlinked.  From close-up we often only see a very small part of the picture of our life, in which events as they happen can appear random and disconnected, but when we look back over time, we can see that the events of our life unfold to form a constantly developing, interlinking, complex and beautfiul multi-dimensional pattern.  Comfrey helps us to appreciate the depth and richness of the present moment.  It is very grounding and settling, inspiring us to grasp the opportunity of the situation we are in.

Doctrine of Signatures:  The most noticeable features of Comfrey are its ability to renew itself vigorously, when cut, to reproduce itself rapidly from a tiny fragment of root and the abundant mucilage present in all parts of the plant. (In it's herbal form it is know as boneknit and was used extensively to heal broken bones).