Child's Play

Inspirational Light essence

Essence Properties: For laughter, joy, fun and play; for learning how to play and to use our imagination to create a world that is wonderful, miraculous, joyful and funny; for developing a sense of humour.

Indications: for when we’ve forgotten how to laugh and play and how to use our imagination; for over-seriousness and a limited, rigid attitude towards life; for fear of making a fool of ourselves.

Further Insights: Child's Play, inspires us to 'lighten up'.  It gently encourages us to open up to joy and fun - teaching our inner child that it is safe and wonderful to play - particularly after years of seriousness or after a time of grief.  It reminds us that life isn't meant to be gim - and that if we allow it, it can be wonderful, miraculous, joyful and funny. It helps us to open our imagination to a world of infinite possibilities and wonderful creativity.