Blue Salvia

Salvia guarantica “Blue Enigma”

Essence Properties: Revealing with love, the truth behind the mask or smokescreen – our own and other people’s; for being able to see through confusion and mixed messages; for clarity of thought and insight; trusting our clear sight and vision.

Indications: when something is an enigma and puzzling – when we sense that all is not as it appears; for confusion; for when we don’t trust our vision because this view is not upheld by others.

Further Insights: Blue Salvia helps us to see clearly through confusion and illusion, to uncover what is hidden.  It enables us to discern with love and without judgement, the truth behind a mask or smokescreen.  If we find ourselves in a situation in which we do not understand what is really going on, paticulaly if we sense that all is not as it appears, Blue Salvia helps us to see with love, whatever lies behind our own personal confusion about ourselves, as well as to see clearly what is really going on with another person or a situation.  It can bring greater clarity when something seems to be an enigma or puzzling, and when we receive mixed messages and need to understand what is real.