Asthma, Eczema and behavoioural problems are some of the conditions that have been linked to toxic overload in our children.  

The Treatment that I use is a gentle, natural, non-toxic, non-addictive, effective form of medicine that is used safely around the world.  

The result is a clearing of layers of toxicity which gently moves your child towards a state of health & wellbeing.

My name is Wendy Alexandrar and as a homeopath I started to specialise in children as my awareness of toxic overload, and the effect that it is having on our younger generations has grown.  Having seen amazing results I would invite you to see the Picture Gallery (being built) and the Testimonials on this website.

Once you have seen what the The Treatment entails, I invite you to take The Next Step to discuss how this could bring about change in your child, and answer some of the many questions you may have.

The Next Step: Free 30 Minute Consultation



Please note if you have a child who has suffered side effects of vaccines and you are on low income or unwaged I have a scheme where the fee is subsidised.  Please enquire